Britannia Satellites
Conoco Philips/AVC Media

The Britannia Platform is located in the central North Sea. A new project has just been started to develop two nearby fields using sub sea wells and to connect it to the existing platform via a new, smaller platform. The two fields, Callanish and Brodgar are named after megalithic standing stones located on the Isle of Lewis and Orkney.

The final animation was styled after a movie trailer and was used to kick off the project at a large presentation.

We decided on a fairly stylised approach to the whole thing, normally I would try and show as many details in a 3D animation as possible, but this time there was a lot of shadow and murkiness. The final rendered animations were also treated to give them a more film look.

The stills on this page don't really do the finished animation justice, Jamie at AVC did a terrific job with the editing.

All of the new equipment in the animation 'grew' out of the sea bed.


The main part of the animation starts with several views of stone circles, the ground breaks open and the camera flies miles underground.

I tried to get away from the normal 'blue fog' style underwater scene, in reality you
wouldn't be able to see your hand in front of your face (or diving mask).


Another piece of growing equipment. This time a sub sea well bursts form the seabed.

This is one of the sub sea Manifolds

Once the new BLP platform has grown, the bridge connecting it grows across from the Britannia platform.

The new BLP platform once it's grown out of the sea. I gave the sky a slightly stylised 'Turneresqe' look.

Showing drillbits working is always tricky, we decided to just use the rock a background and
show a load of brightly coloured debris instead, it was quite effective.

CGI: Garry Clarke
Extra modelling: Richard Clegg-Smith
Music: Non Stop Music
Editing, Directing and everything else: Jamie Baikie